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Breaking the Chain

Hiroshima, you have darkened my prison so much.
Please wait a while. And cry again and again
Showing your intense feelings.
Frequently, I will come back to your ground breaking the chain
Like a crowned-bird at the opening of dawn,
With the inheritance of the forest.
Shaking off the ashes from my body
I will come back with a new particle of soil.
Hiroshima, that feather-burning day
That black, dark-making, atomic fiery day--
I will never forget the day of burning
Babies, women, flowers, birds, and trees to ashes.
Hiroshima, please wait a while--
I will be back to your
Slowly burning fiery ground.
I also will burn my
Body, earth-tradition.
I will rush towards maternity house.
The mother of dawn will give me
Innumerable babies of light
On a new birth of August.
No more atomic fiery
Days, Hiroshima.

Translation:Rezanur Rahman Reza
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