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Modern Poetry>Sayeed Abubakar
War is Life
They who are against hunger
They who are against death
They who take arms against the invaders
Along with them I can go in war this very day.
The boars which entering into the fields of civilization destroy all the crops of life
The jackals which digging the graves devour all the corpses of our kith and kin
The vultures which clutching the map of our heart sing the rotten withered song of democracy
They who are against them
They who draw irritated hands against their aggressive hands
I can go away along with them leaving my home for ever.
My heart cries now saying war war.
Saying war war, my heart bursts now like an atom bomb.
Life is nothing but war, and warlessness means mere death.
That river is the most beautiful one whose course is serpentine
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This is one of the most magnificent poem on the 
Libaration war of our country. - Md Nazmul Haque.

comment : 2
Thanks, dear Nazmul Haque.

comment : 3
I would be curious to know whether this poem is meant as a statement of teh nature of the world we live in, or - cf. comment 1 - in specific reference to the war of Liberation [from British rule? from union with India? from union with Pakistan? - probably the last, since it is the most recent.]

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