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Legendary Poetry:>Abid Azad

Envy is not for envy's sake, but....
of love I speak,
because I'm only of love's born.

Some eyes hide within them the rage of burning fire;
From outside, he seemed like cool, calm water- 
a soft,silent person,
But from inside he held the raging fire-
burning inside his heart.

Anger is not only for anger's sake, but..
It was love that drove me out from home to the war-
Blood is not only for blood's sake, but...
Out of love I devoured it into my throat,
And held the exploding grenade firmly 
inside my grip with fearless courage.    

There is in it a wounded heart inside that grenade,
And a dewy rose that is shivering within-
waiting to be bloomed into a new flower,
And there is in it also the sleeping dream and desire-
waiting to be exploded through the invisible humanity.

War is not only for war's sake ,but..
Bangladesh,oh my mother, to offer you
my birth-day gift,through a river of blood-
I've brought this grenade.

-Translated by- Md Nazmul Haque, (19/12/10)

Oh Nature !

Let there be no more war, oh nature!
Let us make an agreement(!) of peaceful harmony.

In this cruel world- 
now your survival is in question,
The bond between you and us 
must now take an ultimate change.

Oh nature, listen, listen carefully...
Your own way of sustaining,
your motherly care of saving life,
your primeval strategy - 
Everything is now stolen, uncovered, unclothed.    

That's not all, oh nature !
Mankind now holds so many developed techniques,
The weapons of mass-destruction 
is breeding up like generations-
so much that no number can count them.
Oh nature, take now the lesson of cruelty from mankind,
Murder, assassination, the most updated way of self-

Borrow from us ,oh river,  the heart-shattering  
horrific sound of war-ships ,the volcano , war-fire…

Borrow from us ,oh ocean, chemical war-weapons,
Borrow earth-quake,  borrow from us –
the civilization-destroying  master-mind .

Oh nature, listen, listen carefully…
Now, the time   has come ,
You have to be like us, have to keep pace with us ;
Let us share the violence together, take up in your hand, 
oh nature-
the  secret weapon of mass-destruction,
Let between man and nature be set up –
A violent equilibrium. 

Oh nature, listen, listen carefully… 
The core of your heart, the ever-green  fresh face of yours,
is now  at the target of nuclear attack. 

-Translated by- Md Nazmul Haque, (24/12/10)
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Should 'nature' try be like 'man' or 'man' try to be like 'nature' ?

comment : 2
'Granade' is a nice war-poem.

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That's a nicely made answer to a chilgenlang question

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