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Man is born free,
but everywhere he is in chain-
Our life has become nothing but to say 'no'... 
don't do this, don't do that,
just close up yourself 
in safety and security, 
never take any risk, 
never move on the unknown way....
Our life has become just staying back-
never to take part in the action!

Our life has become suppression-
a continuous suppression...
But don't forget that whatever you suppress, 
you are never free of it;
when you repress something 
it goes deeper into your unconscious mind,
and sets up a strong home inside there,
It reaches to your very roots 
and poisons your whole being.

whatever you suppress
Deep inside, you will always carry it
like a shadow following the body
your suppressed desire will always haunt you 
like a ghost.

Set your spirit free
Don't make your heart a prisoner 
of the prison-cell,
Let your heart's desires 
find a way out
to taste the open air and light 
of this free earth.

(-By Md Nazmul Haque)
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