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Put Aside Your Posters The stars in the sky go under cover, And my moon is lost behind the screen, My horizon vanishes from my vision, I lose my horizon into the unseen- Under the background of your huge posters. The image of my ideal beauty That I've painted within my dreamful heart, Fades away into the dazzling light Of the crowds of artificial models. All the reflections of river, woman and nature That I hold deep within my memory, All are shattered by this dazzling light, All are scattered like pieces of broken images, Terrified, shocked , burnt down- all my tranquil , lucid images. In the moring and in the evening I shall wallk along this way To my dearest Padma, I'ill take Laili's ever-known path, flying around the veil of Julekha, The boat of my heart will set sail By the bank of Helen's Troy- Let both sides of the way now be open wide. Let the sky of capitalism never darken The ever-green horizon of our heart's sky, In the land or river, in the light or darkmness Let's spread all around this heart, this soul of ours To tell you just to put aside your posters. Translation: Nazmul Haque
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Fazlul Haque Tuhin is one of my favourite poets. His 
poetic diction is simple but rhythymic, his theme is 
deeply-rooted into life, his imagery is perfect.  His poem 
reads as smoothly  as the flowing of a fountain water. I 
like his poem "Put Aside Your Posters"  and feel proud to 
translate it.      - Md Nazmul Haque

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