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At last Bangla Literatue 2nd issue is going to be published. It is a great pleasure not only for me but also for those who had been pursuing me for its publication for months. Bangla Litrature 1st issue was published in the Bangla Academy Ekushey Bookfair, 2011. The honourable Chairman of Bangla Academy Dr Shamsuzzaman Khan unveiled the first issue at Nazrul Manch of Bangla Academy premises. A number of national dailies of Bangladesh pulished the news with colourful pictures in front page. We got encouraged. Several reviews of this magazine have been published in some popular national dailies and little magazines. Within a short time Bangla Literature has attained popularity throughout the whole country among the scholars because it is the only English literary magazine published from Bangladesh containing the English version of modern Bangla poetry and fiction. Our purpose was to spread modern Bangla literature in the whole world. It is a matter of joy that we have got response from many foreign readers who belong to India, Tunisia, England, Canada, Egypt and the USA. Another great news for the Bangla Literature readers is that a USA version of Bangla Literature is being published every year which may be purchased online. In a word, Bangla Literature in not now merely a domestic magazine but an international spokesman of modern Bangla literature. My personal problems have delayed the publication of the 2nd issue of Bangla Literature. I apologize to the readers for that. Many promiment poets and short story- writers sent me their writings to be published. For shortage of translators, we have not been successful to present all those writings in this issue. We hope, we will be able to publish them in next issue. Poems from Bangladesh and West Bengal, short stories, prose and book review have been published in this issue as we did in the first one. A new item, Interview, has been included with them. We hope that interview with Nazib Wadood will help the readers realize how he has been a promonent writer of the country. Opinions, suggestions and criticism reagarding Bangla Literature from the readers are expected. We want to publish them in the next issue.
Readers' Comments :

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Book Review:  (by Md Nazmul Haque)

The 2nd issue of the Bangla Literature magazine is a kind of its own. It stands unique, 
unequalled.  Each section - poems, fiction, prose , interview - can draw the attention 
and attraction of the readers. Specially The selection of the works by the Editor is 
superbly done. Specially when I read Dr Saiful Alam Bhuiya's article - "Modern Bangla 
Poetry" , I just become spell bound. The writer has so nicely drawn a clear picture 
of the development of modern bangla poetry from Michael Modhusudon Dutt to Rabindranath 
to Kazi Nazrul and then right down to the very present genertion : Abid Azad, Abdul Hye 
Sikder, Rezauddin Stalin, Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah, Abu Hasan Shahriar, Hasan Hafiz, 
Faruk Mahmud, Sayeed Abubakar and so on. When I read the article, it feels like all 
these poets from right up to the bottom are part of the same laddar - each of them are 
like a building block of the complete whole , if any one is taken out, the whole 
structure will fall down. As for the "Fiction" section, I must say I am devoted 
and addicted to it. The first one - Jasim Uddin's "The Bridegroom’s Journey to In-Law’s 
House" is a comic, thrilling and at the same time a true picture of traditional village 
life. The creation of the character "Shadow" is very nicely drawn.  Another story by 
Nazib Wadood -‘The Magic Stick’ is really outstanding. I myself is a fan of the Nazib 
vai : the great all-in-one genius.  Now lets turn  to Poem section. I just like 
each one of them. Each original poem is superb and the translation itself is also 
superbly done. I think the translated poems themselves are also unique creation apart 
form their original sources. I can cite some example. Poet Sayeed Abubakar's  "How 
Shall I Prove My Love" is as short a poem as it is beautiful : 

"My eyes get wet with dew; 
Before you see that, it gets dry." 

When the poet says in another poem  :
"Let's move to a land where flowers are only cultivated..." 

- I remember the visionary poet Shelley , I get the feeling that the "land" is no other 
place but our beloved Bangladesh, and the  "flowers"  symbolise the good qualities of 
human being. I think poet Sayeed Abubakar , with his prophetic eye, can dream of such a 
Bangladesh where ,like the flowers, only good qualities will be practised. Let's hope 
and wait for such days. Thanks to the poet for showing us how to dream. Let me tell 
about another poem "Put Aside Your Poster" by young and my favourite  poet  
Fazlul Haque Tuhin. In this poem the poet has set a contrast between the original and 
the artificial, between the real and the make-up, and above all between Idealism and 
Capitalism . The poet says :

Let the sky of capitalism never darken 
The ever-green horizon of our heart's sky...

Here, I think the poet is warning us not to pollute the freshness of our ever-green 
heart , not to forget our age-old own tradition, not to forget our real human nature. 

The Interview part is a precious addition of the magazine. Nazib Wadood is a 
leading writer and translator of the country. This interview has brought to light his 
literary philosophy, his outlook on different aspects of life. In this interview we get 
an account of the development of Nazib Wadood as a writer. This interview covers almost 
every aspect of him - we know him as a writer, as a translator and above all as a man. 
He speaks out frankly about what he writes and why. Many a time, I personally got the 
opportunity to hear his speech. He always uses short, simple and easy sentences. He 
speaks less but means a lot. Nazib Wadood can present the hardest of things in the 
easiest of ways.  I like most the way he answers when asked : "love affairs are very 
seldom seen in your writings. Why? " He says, "Love means affiliation and affection 
between two human beings. That is not absent in my writings". This is the way Mr. 
Nazid looks at "love" in connection to human life. I read the complete interview, enjoy 
it , and I enrich myself.

After all, I must say that "Bangla Literaure" magazine fills up that position  which had 
so long been empty in the arena of bangla literature. I invite all - "Let's read it and 
discover our root in a new perspective."     

comment : 2
I am Hamidul Islam from Khulna. From Facebook, I've 
got the link to online "Bangla Literature" Magazine. I 
really could never imagined it before I could see it. It is a 
great step to spread our bangla literature on the platform 
of world literature. One thing I 've discovered that the 
English version of the poems  makes a total different 
taste and feeling apart from the bangla original poems. I 
also admire the online version of the magazine which 
allows me to express my reaction about the book. I salute 
the editor, assistant editor and all others writers and 
translators whose endless effort produces such a 
magazine of unique excellence.   

comment : 3
I don't think this mgazine is going to 
attract much readers inside Bangladesh. 
When we don't want to read bangla 
literature even in our mother-
tongue , I doubt how many of us will read it in a 
foreign language.  However, the idea is good 
on international perspective.  (- Md Rezaul Karim, 
Lecturer in Bangla )  

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I don't agree with Mr Rezaul Karim. I think a true literary 
work in not local, it is universal. So when you read 
"Banalata Sen", it doesn't matter wheither you read it in 
bangla or english or any other language. Moreover, as 
Hamidul Islam comments , the enlish versions are in 
themselves unique creations apart from their original 
bangla sources. - Md Nazmul Haque.  

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The book is very nice.I like it very much.(Inzamul Haque)

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Dear brother Nazmul Haque,
A lot of thanks for your contribution to our magazine Bangla Literature

comment : 7
Its realy my pleasure, Sayeed Vai. (Md Nazmul Haque)

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