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(4)Fiction>Jasim Uddin - The Bridegroom’s Journey to In-Law’s House
After marriage, for the first time, the boy was going to his father-in-law's house . He  secretly bought  a 
sharee, some churi and a putir mala for his beloved wife. "My wife must be happy getting all these things" - 
he thought.

"Dear son, in your in-law's house, go alone and never take anyone else with you. When you mother-in-law will 
give you many kinds of food to eat, always keep saying- No, No ; otherwise they will call you unsmart" - the 
boy's mother advised him before he set out from home. 

The boy decided to follow his mother's advice  word for word and set out for his father-in-law's house. It 
was noon. The boy was on his way. Gradually the sun was  making its  journey to the west. While walking, he 
looked back and saw someone  following him. It was his shadow moving with him all the way. The boy became 
nervous and opened his mouth -"Oh my shadow ! please leave me alone. Go back home. I can't take you with me 
to my father-in-law's house." The Shadow still followed him.  The boy again requested more softly -"Shadow , 
my friend, my brother, I will give you sweet made from the pure milk of my cow , mango, jack-fruit and many 
more. You just sit and eat and do nothing else. Please leave me alone." Still , the Shadow kept moving 
behind him. The boy then , finding no other way , left the putir mala on the way  as a gift to the shadow 
and said , "Take this and go back home, don't follow me, please."  At that time,  a piece of cloud covered 
the sun. Looking behind, the boy found no shadow and, feeling happy, moved hurriedly towards his father-in-
law's house. After sometime , the cloud disappeared and the sun became visible again. Now, the boy again 
found the Shadow stepping behind him. He again said , "Oh Shadow, you break the deal , ok then, take the 
churi that I bought for my wife and let me be alone. Don't ever come with me."  Saying this, he left two 
pairs of churi on the way. There was a forest on the way and the boy kept moving through it. Now , the boy 
could not see any Shadow and felt very happy.  He walked quickly toward his destination. When he came out of 
the forest,  the  Shadow appeared again. This time he left the sharee on the way as an offering to the 
shadow. Now the boy had nothing left to offer his wife except love.  In the meantime, the sun set and the 
Shadow vanished. At last , the bridegroom successfully arrived his father-in-law's house and the Shadow was 
not with him.                      

The house took a festive look. The boy's mother-in-law cooked all kinds of tasty foods and prepared the 
table for the bridegroom.  The boy remembered what his mother told him. He started telling -"No, No, please 
don't give me so much, please don't". His mother-in-law thought that the boy might have been suffering from 
some stomach disease. So she did not force him to eat. Thus, the boy had to finish his supper with empty 

At night , the boy could not sleep with hungry belly. The tasty foods , pieces of meats, fruits - everything 
haunted him. He thought all those food might still be available in the kitchen. He could no longer resist 
the temptation.Water came into his tongue. Everyone in the house slept, even the cats and dogs, but it's 
only him who was awake.  It was the high time to go into the  kitchen for food. His heart-beats becomes 
harder. He secretly came to the kitchen-door. With pin-drop-silence, he opened the door and stepped in. In 
the darkness, he could not see anything. He put his hand inside a pot and found something like eggs but he 
could not figure it out. He took two eggs in his mouth. In the darkness, he messed up everything and a pot 
fell down on the floor making a lot of sound. At this , the cat mewed loudly which in turn make the dog bark 
so loundly that everyone in the house woke up. Everyone came from every corner to catch the thief. They 
found the kitchen-door open and the bridegroom trembling in fear beside the pot of eggs. His father-in-law 
called - "Oh my son-in-law! what has happened to you?" But no answer came. The mother-in-law cried 
out "Alas! our son is about to die. Alas! who can save him?" A doctor was called in who tried to catch his 
pulse, test his heart-beat but could not find any disease. Then it was found that the mouth of the 
bridegroom was swallon up. The doctor told - "There might be a tumour inside the mouth of the patient. It 
can be cured only by cutting it out of the mouth. Only then our bridegroom can speak." Saying this , he 
started to sharpen his knife. The sound of the knife so frightened the boy that he almost died a hundred 
times from its fear. When the doctor was about to apply the knife on the mouth of the boy, he cried out -"I 
have not eaten the eggs".
Translated by Nazmul Haque from Jasim Uddin’s Bangalir Hasir Golpo 
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This story is a pure source of natural joy. 

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I like the story very much.

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