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(4)Fiction>Banaphul - ‘That Happened’
Once at noon I was alone in the hostel. All had gone to college. But I did not. Tapati said, she would come 
today. I was waiting in closed door. Bidyapati, Jaydeb, Chandidas and Rabindranath disappeared from my mind. 
Only her face and two eyes were in my mind. I heard the sound of the footsteps on the stair. Immediately the 
door  was knocked. I opened the door nerviously. I found a stout man standing on the door.
‘Are you the man who has written Tapu this letter?’
‘Yes, sir. Who’re you please?’
‘I’m Tapu’s father, rascal---’
He gave a tight slap on my cheek. I fell down. The gentle man went away at once. I remained there long time. 
Do you know what I did there? I built the second Tajmahal, Tomb of my beloved whom I never got and never 
will get. The arts of the Tomb is too much magnificent. But alas! That will not be shown to anybody because 
I ain’t the emperor Shahjahan, I’m Bijan Basu, son of petty clerk Haran Basu.
Translated by Monojit Kumer Das from Banaphul’s ‘Jaha Ghotilo’
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