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Legendary Poetry:>Ahsan Habib
Ahsan Habib (1917-1985) 

In Some Early Morning 

In the early morning, how would you
Become so miraculous . . .
In some early morning.
In some early morning how would you
Smoothly warm up
Such a sweet call,
Such an intricate invitation
That miraculously twists and turns my heart towards you.
Your regular movement persists
Throughout the whole day
On the track that is right in front
Of my house—
But I give it no notice.
The sound of your horn gets buried
Under busy roar of domesticity.
I keep on doing
My housework.
You take away and bring back the whole day long.
I am unknown in my own circle, though
I do also have my own horn.
I have my own walkway—
Stations and stops—
I, too, move up and down blowing
My own horn—so, your movement
Does not make me pay that much attention, or
It bores me when I eat and take a nap,
And then I get up.
In some early morning, you are not
The train I know . . .
The dusty moon of the blue sky,
And the darkness of the whole
World, you assume—
Blowing your miraculous horn
You keep on calling me as you go away—
I wish that I could go with you.

Translation: Hassanal Abdullah
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