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Time passes as if it went away
With vapour, rain and mist.
It passes in moonlight, sunlight and drought,
Sour and sweet of life and colourful moment drop.
The day passes, the desire of dreams goes down.
Certainly you know the universal truth.

Yet thirst awakes touching our pipe of throat.
Faithful dog or companion always runs like death 
bending head behind us.
Thirst of Love? In search of thirst, Iíve looked for you in 
isolated mind;
I never search the beloved.
Youíre in my mind, Iím in my perpetual being in one,
None knows this truth that I hanker after the thirst.
Love and thirstóthey are each other.
Water flows in water
As if lost boat were in the deepest ocean.
I search it in the deepest ocean.
Translation: Monojit Kumar Das
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It's a highly philosophical and beautiful poem.Thanks to the poet and the traslator. 

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