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(5)Poems>Abdul Hye Sikder

With the praying mat in hand on the earth of yours
Roamed about and become tired and annoyed
The heart is now restless for fear.

Oh Lord, there is not a very small place 
Where I can, for you, prostrate closely
And count your name silently over the beads of rossary
Vision you by absorbing in complete meditation.

I have sent you hundreds of faxes
Crores of messages through e-mail
It has become disdainful to press the button of internet
My land phone and mobile have not the power to 
To split the sky and blow the fearful siren
Close to the throne of yours.

Oh Lord, 
Your world has become the dining table of the demons 
and blind dajjals
The rest part is filled with nausea and faeces
Their roasted chicken and the shameless bowls of soup
And the green globe has become the hot pan for 
preparing bread.

The fire is being bubbled
And in that fire the states are being made rod-piercing 
roasted meat everyday
The flag of human beings, humanity, truth and justice
Is being kneaded and bruised everyday, under their 
bootís metal spikes.

Human beings have become a prey to the demons.
Their belly has become distressed with ravenous apetite.
Human civilization, creations and favourite buildings
Love, friendship and affection and all other things--
The great demon would eat everything.

In the forests the animals feel irritated in the nerves in the 
name of the demon.
The sky and the globe of human being are restless in 
Today, the opponent of human being is the demon.
In the sea he is arrogant and on the land bombs like a 
The other blood-thirsty demon is his favourite lover.
The cruel eyes of Halaku and his followers have once 
Raised their ferocious sword against your beauty, Oh 
They have caused your good name to be wiped out from 
the world
And mingle it with dust and thereby give you a bad name.
They make a new way of life and create a new god
And dig a grave for you throughout Asia and Africa.  

Donít be offended, oh Lord, listen to me attentively
And thereafter count the sins as you like.
Today is the day for Dajjal; all the enlightened people are 
For what kind of sin is it that has made you all silent?

Burning of Lebanon has been completed; human beings 
are termed as dead body.
There is the song of lamentation in every house in 
The whole Afghan is a fearful cremetion ground today.
In the Guantanomo, the prisoners are tortured to dark 
You did not respond to their crying. 
They are none but your people, the human being of yours
The demon kills them because they love you.

All have become impatient at the smell of oil
Yet, oh Lord, you remain silent.

Do you hear the crying of the Rohinga people?
Blind you are in Kashmir; the valley of yours is 
In Gujrat you are a dead body, wheel of chariot in Ayodha
Made everything vacant demolishing your house.
After destroying Sudan the battleship reaches the Persian 
In every house at Chechnia the grievances rotate all the 

The sky and the land of Iraq shiver today,
The vitality of Baitul Hikma has fallen down
All the artistic works of art and style
Waiting to mix up with dust.
The immortal poems of Junaed are nothing but a dead fly
A burning sensation of burnt flesh.
Abdul Kader Jilani becomes impatient in pains
In the state of sleep in his grave.
The poison accumulates in every cell of the heart 
By the dropping of forbiden bomb on them.

Look, the Draconian teeth are being tightened 
Cause to make disturbance against you.
The flowers like children are now trembling on the whims 
of demon.
Our mothers have become speechless with surprise
By standing in front of the rubble of Bagdad.
Above them is the blank space and in the beow the 
empty soil 
And even the Khana-e-Kaíaba, it is seen, has been 
surrounded by the demon.

In that case, are the Zionists not in opposition of human 
Is not the demon your opponent? 
Is not the demon yet a transgressor?
Still, would you cause to hear us? 
The story of the destruction of the Ad and Thamud tribe
And the story of Namrud and the elephant forces of 

And now, where is the sound of your trumpet of 
Why are you hiding the flames of punishment today?
And where is your curse of destruction?
The days of the believers have gone.
And why do the evildoers get over-indulgence?

Are you, oh Lord, absorbed in your name only?
On the other hand, the fire of the demon has spread 
world wide.

We call for Mehdi repeatedly.
Oh Lord, where is your Imam?
Would your good name come to an end before his arrival?
On the eve of observing the quite and clear cloud in the 
How can I die peacefully in the face of attack by the 

The drums of war, Oh Lord, cause to decay the days of 
What your servants would do if you endure the waste?
Translation: Abu Zafar


All paths come back home.
I also come back.
The house remain standing by opening the door,
And then cause me to lull to sleep.

It also troubles when going to sleep.
The sleep dances in circuitous by opening the distended 
But donít come nearby.
As such I am to move behind the sleep.

Moving towards the city, port, village, field,
Moving towards trees and forest,
Moving towards mountain, river and sea,
Moving towards the sky, wind and soil.

And then the intoxicated state comes to an end.
And then the night passes away.
But the morning does not appear.

The path again starts moving.
Translation: Abu Zafar
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