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If a flower doesnít bloom
spring is without its colour
Flower will bloom
when smooth breeze plays silently
poetís unloyal hair shakes aimlessly

If a cuckoo doesnít sing
spring is also without its colour
Hopes penetrating in aspiration
the brightest night will fall upon the earth
River and sea whisper
Moon emerges from the fissure of the waste land
Bees bear the dreams from city to country
Motherís unbridled longing for her kids
Titumirís procession of revenge in haunted city

Depression in Share Market
Too much noise for cricket
Everything melts in the morn
And krisnachuras redden  the childhood days

Every prayer is fair against any evil
Every poem is just a revolt against any kill

Spring without its colour
If there is no revolt
Translation: Sanchita Chowdhury


To fill the blanks of life with bloody letters;
Some emolated their lives without any hesitation.
Would they be monarchs or yield to be slaves;
Had they been ever aware of this enormous chaos?
Too much exulted Bangladesh
Wearing the crown of countless errors.
Our every school filled with erring words
All timid learning afraid of fault finders.
We inherited some torn outdated lessons,
Suppressed breath with tears of unfinished chapters.
Unuttered rhymes really similar to infinite sky;
We want regaining our lost health.

Let every where be resumed the latest lesson
Let the veil be lifted up with primitive and artless beings.
Translation: Sanchita Chowdhury
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