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(5)Poems>Sayeed Abubakar

My heart cries for you; 
You can't hear that cry.
My eyes get wet with dew; 
Before you see that, it gets dry.

Tell me, o Dove, 
How shall I prove my love?
Translation: The Poet


You and me
me and you
flower and bee
grass and dew.
Translation: The Poet

There's no appetite in heart,
appetite rises only in body-
remains infinite desolate appetite
into my two eyes.

There's no appetite in heart
for, o darling,
my heart is over-loaded with your love.
Translation: The Poet


Let's move to a land where flowers are only cultivated.
gardens throughout the year remain full of flowers;
where man satisfies his hunger only on perfume
and satisfies his thirst of Sahara-soul in beauty.
Translation: The Poet


He lived 52 years
abiding by the rules of health.

His brother Kesmat Ali lived 82 years
smoking punctually.
Translation: The Poet


He was angling fish
sitting on the high way;
frequently making the hook dance
and all of a sudden, pulling the fishing rod so forcefully 
it seemed a big catfish had certainly swallowed the hook.
He was then repenting loudly showing others that
he had been successful to flee having made him a fool.

Pedastrians were watching him shaking their necks
and bursting into laughter.
An unhappy man stopped his purple colored car beside 
the road
and opening the window asked him aloud, 'Brother,
have you got any fish? '

He raised his eyes at forehead with surprise and said, 
Who has ever got fish on a dry street? '
Translation: The Poet


He walks on water in an ocean;
his legs don't get wet.
He walks through the incessant rain;
his body doesn't get wet.

One day someone invited him at home
and gave a room to sleep.
At midnight he started shouting-'Help! Help! '
Then he was floating like water-hyacinth on the houseful 
Translation: The Poet
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"HOW SHALL I PROVE MY LOVE" -this poem deals with 
a universal problem. As love is not a mathematical 
equation, there is no easy way to prove it. 

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