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Legendary Poetry:>Farrukh Ahmad
Farrukh Ahmad (1918-1974) 

The Moorhen 
Now that the night is still, the world asleep,
Silent the noises that engulf the day,
I hear across the fens the moor-henís wail
Full of an anguish words could not convey.
If you must listen, shake yourself awake,
Forget your follies, lay your cares aside,
And lend an ear to that resonant voice
Pouring out like a strong resistless tide.
It stirred emotions mysterious, profound
And made me restless, set my heart ablaze
I found relief in sighs and curses, foul
And vile, and thought of my wasted days.
Those accents tore deceitís false makes away,
Faced me with truths Iíd done my best to hide
I felt stripped bare of my defences all,
And saw how Iíd dissembled, how Iíd died.
The shameless poses I played at the airs
Daily assumed, the guile in smiles concealed
Each act recalled hurt like a gaping wound
Each lie remembered was a gash unhealed.
Listen! there goes the plaintive wail again,
Breaking the quiet of the rural night.
It drowns eerie choir of trembling leaves;
I wrestle with my heart-break as I might.

Translation: Syed Sazzad Hossain
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