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(6)Interview>Nazib Wadood with Bangla Literature (part 5)
Bangla Literature : Love is a natural and 
fundamental emotion of human life. But, barring a very 
few exceptions, love affairs are very seldom seen in your 
writings. Why?
Nazib Wadood : [Laugh] Is it right? Actually, I 
think love is randomly misused. Love means affiliation 
and affection between two human beings. That is not 
absent in my writings. 
Bangla Literature : You write essays also. What 
is your observation about our criticisms? 
Nazib Wadood : In Bangladesh, literary criticism 
hasnít run in expected way, I think. Except some 
legendary figures like Syed Ali Ahsan, Abdul Mannan 
Syed, Syed Manzurul Islam, and some others, most of our 
critics couldnít go beyond partiality. They see literature in 
one eye. Now-a-days, literature is being judged 
according to its political contents, and the writerís 
political affiliation and activeness. This is making harm to 
our literature. Actually, genuine and promising 
litterateurs are being cornered and pushed behind the 
Bangla Literature : Sudhindranath Datt, being 
asked to write on Jibanananda Das after his death, said 
that publishing a book in his commemoration was 
meaningless as he wasnít a poet. But soon he emerged as 
one of the best poets of our literature. How will you 
explain this type of inconsistency of criticism?
Nazib Wadood : I have already explained it. 
Personal, political, communal or regional choice and 
favor mustnít be allowed to guide criticism.
Bangla Literature : Would you explain how do 
you write? How do you pass your time when you write?
Nazib Wadood : I donít follow any rigid rules 
and regulations. Mostly I write at night, since 10:30 pm to 
12:30 am. I sit down with an experience or memory that 
induces a feeling in me. Usually, I allow my writing to 
proceed in its own path. If it stumbles, I keep it 
suspended for a whileĖ for a day, for a week, or even for 
months. In the early days of my writing career, I used to 
write continuously for hours after hours and become 
fuddled like a drunkard. That doesnít happen now, 
perhaps for the reason that I am to remain busy with 
many other things today and work on different subjects 
at the same time. 
Bangla Literature : I want to know about your 
practice of reading. What type of books do you like to 
Nazib Wadood : Once reading was my 
addiction. But now-a-days, volume of my reading has 
been reduced. However, I like to read literary essays. Scio-
political analysis is also my favorite subject.  
Bangla Literature : You edit two little 
magazinesĖ Porilekh and Nandan. Isnít it harmful to 
your creative activities? 
Nazib Wadood : It snatches away some time 
and labor from me; thatís one kind of loss no doubt; but 
at the same time it gives me an opportunity to keep 
touch and make relations with the contemporary writers. 
And I think I am playing important role in searching out 
and harboring promising writers. These are not 
insignificant for a creative writer.
Bangla Literature : Hasan Azizul Haq once said, 
ĎI am a writer of little magazine.í How do you judge the 
role of little magazines in development of literature?
Nazib Wadood : I see it positively. Actually, it is 
little magazine which has made possible extension and 
expansion of literature in various ways. 
Bangla Literature : Can an editor create a writer?
Nazib Wadood : No, he canít. It isnít his duty. A 
writer is to become a writer from within him, none can 
make him writer. But an editor can nourish and nurture 
him, harbor and promote him. That is his duty. 
Bangla Literature : Can an organization make a 
writer famous? Can a writer be bigger than  what he 
Nazib Wadood : It is possible. There are many 
examples in our country. 
Bangla Literature : You have already emerged 
as a good translator. I heard Hasan Azizul Haq, late 
Abdul Mannan Syed, and many other senior and junior 
writers praising your translations. How and why did you 
start translation?
Nazib Wadood : Actually, in the 1990ís, when I 
started reading world literature in English. I felt that there 
were some good pieces of writings that needed to be 
read by our writers and readers. Another thought also 
came to meĖ while translating, I would get an 
opportunity of in-depth reading and analysis of the 
writing that might help me enrich my own creative 
Bangla Literature : What sort of writings do you 
like to translate.
Nazib Wadood : Obviously short story. I have 
translated many short stories. But, being asked by the 
editors, I am now-a-days to translate many other sorts of 
writings like novels and essays also. As for example, I 
have translated Balzacís The Unconscious Comedians 
(Anari Rasikjon) and Chinua Achebeís A Man of the 
People (Jononayak). I have also authored a complete 
book on Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk. Most of my 
translations are yet to be published as books.
Bangla Literature : Let us discuss on a different 
issue. I had the opportunity to listen to your speech and 
discussions, both formal and informal. You always attract 
and convince the audience with your reasonable, 
informative and impartial analysis. But these are lost in 
the air. You can put these in black and white what you 
say in the meetings and informal discussions. These are 
valuable. Have you ever thought about it?
Nazib Wadood : Yes, I have thought but could 
havenít managed it. 
Bangla Literature : I have seen that you like to 
enjoy company of people.  Do you think that this helps in 
development of creativity?
Nazib Wadood : Oh, no, not at all. But no 
human being can be happy living alone. And, in case of a 
writer, he needs exchange of views with the people, 
especially with his friends and co-writers, to remain 
Bangla Literature : Writers have different kinds 
of sweet and bitter experiences regarding first publication 
in famous papers. Will you tell us that type of experience, 
if any?
Nazib Wadood : I used to send my writings by 
post in the early days. Now I use email service. I havenít 
personal relation or acquaintance with the editors. Now-
a-days, however, some editors, only two or three in 
number, contact me over mobile phone and through 
email. I like to remain afar from them. 
Bangla Literature : We know, you are a person 
of modest nature. You donít like to blow your own 
trumpet. Probably, that is a reason why you arenít talked 
about much that you actually deserve. But some publicity 
is required, especially in these days of influence of media, 
isnít it? 
Nazib Wadood : Eminent writer Hasnat Abdul 
Hye was saying alike a few days ago. He said that I 
wasnít getting what I deserved because nobody knew me 
personally. A writer canít establish him unless he has 
some writer friends including seniors and juniors to 
promote him, he guessed. This is too much bitter but 
true, I have realized in the recent days. 
Bangla Literature : Who is your favoriteĖ 
litterateur Nazib Wadood or person Nazib Wadood?
Nazib Wadood : [Laugh] This isnít a fair 
question. [Thought] Person Nazib Wadood gets 
astonished to see how a thoughtful and creative man the 
writer Nazib Wadood is! On the other hand, litterateur 
Nazib Wadood always bends down his head before 
greatness of man Nazib Wadood. However, they honor 
each other. [Laugh]
Bangla Literature : Will you say something 
about your dreams and ambitions, failures and sorrows 
regarding your literary career? 
Nazib Wadood : I have always dreamt to be a 
great writer; but alas! I am yet to touch even the first 
letter Ďgí of `goodí. I canít write much; thatís also painful 
to me.  
Bangla Literature : Thank you for your kind 
cooperation by giving me time amid your busy schedules. 
I pray you keep on writing and be well. 
Nazib Wadood : Thank you too. Be well.
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I like each and every sentence of Nazib Wadood of this 
interview. -Md Nazmul Haque.

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I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus.

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I like this post, enjoyed this one thank you for putting up. No man is wise enough by himself. by Titus Maccius Plautus.

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What's Happening i'm new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & help other users like its helped me. Good job.

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