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(5)Poems>Rahman Henry

I shall go to meet you in the gathering of Saint Joseph
In the golden ceremony of 1981;
Then I was with my sorrows in the secondary class, 
you in the  lower secondary–
This kind of festival is again possible in memories. I’ll go…
See you in the remorseful assemblage of memories, as I 
On the day of primary sum went to Bishi’s house at Juari; 
None was there– even the house isn’t there– 
Why then I wandered there all the noon long?
You aren’t; you never were– 
I politely reject this eternal imperative of  existence;
Any of my vows is a humble resolution. 
So I must go… go to see 
you at Sthapandighi;
I saw you whole night on roof of the palace of Rani  
Blood was oozing out in the form of dew drops 
all night  long– 
Fires of grudge casting off from the savage body
of the stars all through night…
Yet I hadn’t fled away, but kept seeing you being dumb
Standing strongly and bravely on ashes, 
And seeing your dance in the terrifying pond of fires…
I’ll go to see you in the moonlit hermitage of poetry–
The musical ceremony if is foiled– dream becomes 
Yet I’ll go– breaking through sunrays, crushing down 
By bus and train, on foot in sleep… 
I’ll un-alternatively go!
Even if for once, I’ll go to see you in the imposibility.
Translation: Nazib Wadood

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