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:: Can You Prove God? ::

Can you prove there is God? 
No, you can't, 
So, it is proved that there is no God. 

I can't prove it, 
But deep within my soul 
I can feel something missing. 

I cannot prove God, 
But I can feel someone living inside,
Someone apart from flesh and blood, 
I can feel my inner self, 
But I can't prove it. 

I can'nt prove God 
But looking at the endless sky, 
I can feel The Endless,
The One who gives me 
my endless faculty of 'Imagination' ; 
The range of my soul - 
which no width and length can measure,
My endless soul is proof enough 
of my endless God. 

Can you prove there is no God? 
No, you can never, 
So, it is proved that there is God.

                             (-Md Nazmul Haque, 26th April,2012)
Readers' Comments :

comment : 1
Though God's existance does'nt require any proof, yet it 
is  a logically beautiful poem. (- Raihan Ali Sarkar) 

comment : 2
A self-contradictory poem. (-Mr Unkown)

comment : 3
Mr Unkown, you have missed the point. The 
Poem is  written as a logical debate between two 
opposing sections - the Theists and the Athiests. 
Now its up to you which side you'ill take. (Md Nazmul 

comment : 4
The logic presented in the poem is not neutral. 

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