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:: The Eternal Love ::
by Rabindranath Tagore
(translated by Md Nazmul Haque)

Dear, it's the same you I fall in love - a hundred times, 
In a hundred forms - endlessly from now and forever .
It's the same loving heart singing forever the same love-
In so many tunes have you heard it , 
the same ever-new feeling of love-
endlessly from now and forever.

The more I hear the eternal tale,  the eternal pain of love,
I can feel the pain as my own,
Looking back into the infinite, I can see your eternal face,
Twinkling through the eternal dark night
like the Polar star upon my heart's sky.

We two have come floating through the river of  Eternal 
Deep within the Eternal Heart this love was born ;
We two have played this game within a thousands lovers,
In tearful eyes or in  joyful heart,
Old yet ever-new - such is this love. 

Now this eternal love has  found its shore,
Let me put down all my love near your feet,
All the love of the universe, all its sorrow and joy- 
Has lost into one single love ;
It's the same  love song -
sung by all poets of all ages.

Readers' Comments :

comment : 1
An outstanding poem.  (-Raihan Ali)

comment : 2
the feeling of first eye-contact, first restlessness, 
first offering, first kiss - all are same for any lover of 
anytime.  So, no love is individual, every love is 
just a part of an Eternal Love. - Md Nazmul Haque.

comment : 3
I love in my own way, so my love is just individual. Sorry 
to disagree. (-Mr Someone )

comment : 4
You love in your way but you uknowingly share the same 
feeling of eternal love when you kiss or say good bye to 
your beloved.

comment : 5
The  english translation  has lost the original fragrance of 
the bangla poem.

comment : 6
Love is that same sweet game played over and over again 
between every two loving hearts. (-Nurul Islam)

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