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The Mirror
(short story)
- by Jasim Uddin

While cutting crops in the fields, a farmer suddenly 
caught sight of  a mirror. Mirror was not  known to this 
country yet. Not  a single person of the village had ever 
seen a mirror before. Some Kabuliwala might have left it 
behind as he passed through the fields. The farmer 
picked up the mirror. At the very first sight  the farmer 
discovered a human face in the mirror. He became very 
much  surprised. He said to himself , "Oh my goodness ! 
this is my father looking at me ! "

His father died many years ago. Today, the farmer has grown up and looks almost like his father. It is natural that a son should look like his father. So, looking at his own reflection in the mirror, the farmer mistook it as his father. He embraced the mirror with great honour- kissed it with deep love. He compassionately utters, "Oh my dear father, how you come down from the sky and hide yourself in this field ! Oh my beloved father ! " The farmer kept talking in this way as he looked at the mirror. His father in the mirror also looked at him in so many angles and so many styles. He said , "My dear father, look, look with your own eyes - I have filled your lands with so many types of crops - I've planted Sonadigha , I've also planted Shail and so on. Look, how they are smiling under the golden ray of the sun ! You had one house, I've built three more... Oh my dear father, my heart's only joy, just take a look once again." That day the farmer did not put his hand at any work. Keeping the mirror upon his heart, he walked around all his fields. When the sun touched the horizon-line and it was the evening, the farmer fell in a strange problem - where to keep the mirror! He was a poor man, he had not chest. So he hide the mirror inside a pitcher with great secret. The next day the farmer could not put his mind in any work. He did this, he did that and then ran back home again and again. He secretly took the mirror out of the pitcher and looked at his father's face with tearful eyes and said, "Oh my dear father, how should I leave you alone and go to fields? Please fogive me, for you know well how can I get food without working ? " His wife thought , "Oh my God! what is the matter with my husband ? So long he would talk with me in sweet voice, he would smile, make fun and love me so much. But now-a-days eveything turns upside down. Everytime he takes something out of the pitcher and looks at it again and again. I don't know what the hell is it all about." One morning the farmer went to the fields . Getting the chance, the farmer's wife secretly looked into the pitcher and discovered the hidden mirror inside it. This instantly set her on fire. This time it was her own reflection on the mirror. But unfortunately she never saw her face on the mirror before. So, she mistook it for her husband's second wife. She thought that her husband secretly got married for the second time and kept his second wife hidden in the mirror here in this pitcher. That's why her husband did not even speak with her in sweet voice. "Let him come today. I will show him how it tastes! ". With a Jhata in hand she started panting like a snake. She sharpened the razor of her tongue and started repeating the words that she'd use as weapon to attack her husband. It was the noonday. All the nature was perspiring under the burning sun. The farmer, being exhausted with the day's labour, just had come back home. No sooner had he been visible on the scene than his wife started the attack, "You mean servent! is this your real nature? who the hell is this bloody bitch that you married and kept hidden for so long? " Saying this she threw the mirror down before the farmer. "Oh dear! what have you done! Don't you know this is my beloved father? " Saying this the farmer picked up the mirror with great care. "You raskel, let me show what it really is!" -saying this the wife took the mirror back with a jerk. "Look, you fraud! who is this bitch sitting inside the mirror? isn't this your wife? " The farmer said, "Have you gone mad? Can't you see this is my dear father! " "You fraud! you betrayer! does your father wear a neckless round his neck? or a tip on his forehead? or a nose-flower upon his nose? " The elder wife of the house was there at that moment. She interfered, "What is this chaos going on in your house? You were so fond of each other before. Not a single word ever passed between you till today. What for is this quarreling then? " The farmer's wife came forward and said, "Look my sister, this man has got married again and kept his second wife hidden in this mirror. I will break into pieces this bloody bitch under my feet. Look with your own eyes who is here in this mirror ?" The elder wife came near her and tried to look into the mirror.This time two faces appeared in the mirror. She said to the farmer's wife, "Oh, this is your face. But I can see one more face. Whose face is there beside you? " The farmer came near and said, "What are you saying my sister-in-law? I saw only my father there in the mirror. " Saying this he stood before the mirror. This time three faces appeared together in the mirror. Hearing the hue and cry, all other members of the family came forward to see it. People form neighbouring houses of the village also came on the spot. Whoever looked into the mirror, his face was seen in it. What a great magic it was! From ear-to-ear this news spread around. From many different villages people came to see this miracle. Gradually they discovered that it was the mirror. The End Traslated by- Md Nazmul Haque (22/10/2012)
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Very nice story. I really enjoyed reading it. It is 
written in very easy but effective language. 

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Thanks a lot for the compliments. - Nazmul Haque.

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